Call For Abstracts

The Scientific Committee invites the submission of abstracts to be considered for oral and poster presentations.

  • The deadline for the submission of abstracts is February 28, 2023. Registrars and postgraduate students are specifically invited to present.
  • Faxed abstracts will not be accepted.
  • All appropriate abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee. All abstracts received will be acknowledged, and authors will be sent acceptance or rejection letters by March 31, 2023. Please note that authors of accepted abstracts must be registered delegates. All costs, including registration, are at the author’s own expense.

Instructions to Authors

  1. Each abstract must clearly state the following: a. Abstract title (the title of the abstract must not exceed 25 words) b. Name or list of author(s). The name of the presenting author must appear first in the list of authors. c. Affiliation of author(s) d. Contact details of first author (telephone numbers, e-mail address etc)
  2. Abstracts must be typed in English, single line spacing, Arial font size 12
  3. The body of the text must not exceed 350 words (this excludes the information listed in point 1)
  4. Please adhere to the following format: a. Introduction: should be brief and informative and state the aim of the study b. Methods: include a description of subjects and research methodology c. Results: outline the findings of the study supported by statistics as appropriate. Do not use figures, graphs, or tables in the abstract. The data provided must be sufficient to permit peer review of the abstract d. Conclusion: provide summary and relevance of the main findings

All accepted abstracts will be published without further editing. Abstracts that do not adhere to the specific format will not be published.